Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week 3: 1 month 23 days until the Run

Total Mileage: 32.76 miles Total Hrs Run: 5.05hrs Next Weeks Goal: 30miles
Sun. 7/11: Run-8.17 miles
Mon. 7/12: Chest
Tue. 7/13: Rest
Wed. 7/14: Rest
Thu. 7/15: Run-7.26 miles
Fri. 7/16: Back/Run-7.69 miles
Sat. 7/17: Run-9.64 miles

Ok, so I scrapped together a half-way decent week. Not too bad considering the 3 days I took off when my Dad came to visit. I did need a rest week, and I got caught up! So I'm concerned I may have another slightly low mileage week. I may have to pack a pair of running shoes and run on my long weekend visiting water parks, Fiesta Texas, and the Guadalupe. No worries. I feel great! I feel ready to add in a long run each week. By this I mean a 3+ hour or 20+ miler. So far seems to be I'm getting 4 solid days of running. I'd like to add a 5th day, of which would be my long run. Then make one of the other days an easy 5 or so miles. I think this would jump my mileage to around 40-45 miles a week.
On a side note, I need a new pair of shoes. I have been running for most of this year in Brooks Cascadia. I love my Cascadias and swear they are the best trail shoe ever. BUT since I'm training for a road run, I wonder if I should invest in a pair of road shoes...anyone have suggestions or ideas? Guess I will have to shop around. I really dont want to splurge and buy both...I'm still not made of money.

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