Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week 4:

Total Mileage: 22.6 miles Total Hrs Run: 3.6hrs Next Weeks Goal: 40miles
Sun. 8/1: Arms
Mon. 8/2: Run 10.7 miles
Tue. 8/3: Run 7.9 miles
Wed. 8/4: Chest/Back/Arms
Thu. 8/5: on Vacation
Fri. 8/6: Run-4 miles (hotel treadmill@3am)
Sat. 8/7: on Vacation

Notes: So all in all a pretty low mileage week. I had planned on alot more. I didnt want my vacation weekend to stand in my way, but it did. I had also planned on running most nights, but waterparks and Six Flags take alot out of ya!
My apologies to anyone following this on the late blog update. My Jeep that was stolen a year ago was recovered on Monday 8/9!!!
Still havent decided on a pair of shoes! We raised another $50 in donations this week as well!
Well thats all for now! Happy running!

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