Sunday, August 22, 2010

WEEK 6-1 month 2 days until THE RUN

Total Mileage: 48 miles Total Hrs Run: 7.78hrs Next Weeks Goal: 50miles
Sun. 8/15: ARMS
Mon. 8/16: Run-6.4 miles
Tue. 8/17: Run-8.3 miles
Wed. 8/18: Run-11.1miles
Thu. 8/19: CHEST
Fri. 8/20: Run-7.2 miles
Sat. 8/21: Run-about 15 miles

So another really great week. I felt really comfortable on every run.
Saturday I labeled mileage at about 15 miles. This is because my GPS said I ran 28.2 miles at 13.2 miles an'm not quite that fast. I was shooting for another 20 like last saturday, but I was having car problems and didnt want to use the truck as an aid station then have it not start after running for 3-4 hours. So instead I ran until I literally ran out of road, then turned around and ran home. It was exactly 2.5 hours of non-stop running. That is roughly 15-16 miles at my pace. Other than that i want to pick up the weight lifting a little more, and do alot more ab work.
On a side note this weeks I saw quite a bit of wildlife while I was out running. 2 skunks, a coyote, a bat(almost hit me in the face), and a handful of toads. Also something rustling in the bushes about 3 feet to my left on my run last night. It was either go towards the rustle or into traffic(barely any shoulder on this stretch). i went towards the rustle and still have no idea what it was. Probably a coyote.
I want to hit 50+ miles this week. I want to do a trial run of the run day. Maybe about 35-40 miles and use my crew team as aid stations so we can all get the hang of running and coordinating things along the side of the road.

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