Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 2: 1 month 30 days until The Run

Total Mileage: 34.6 miles Total Hrs Run: 5.43hrs Next Weeks Goal: 35miles
Sun. 7/11: REST
Mon. 7/12: Run-7.9miles
Tue. 7/13: Chest
Wed. 7/14: Run-11.7 miles
Thu. 7/15: Run-7 miles(Hills)
Fri. 7/16: Back/Biceps
Sat. 7/17: Arms/Run-8 miles

So this week went well. Did a decent job of sticking to the training plan that I keep in my head...
I was a little disappointed in the weight lifting I did this week, but my focus is on running. I must say I was exhausted most of the week. I didn't finish most of the runs until after 11pm. After protein, dinner, shower....that put me in bed around 1 am and at work by 8am. I was averaging 6 hours a night. Something I will work on. I did have a lot going on. The brothers were in from out of town on Sunday, and I went to a concert on Friday(which means drinks!). All in all I am right on track.

Next weeks goals I want to keep the same. No increase in mileage until I balance out my rest situation. A few things coming up this week are my Dad is coming in Tuesday and Wednesday. This may effect some mileage. I am not worried and wont be discouraged, I need the rest:)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 1: 2 months 6 days until the run

Total Mileage: 27.5 miles Total Hrs Run: 4.43hrs Next Weeks Goal: 35miles
Sun. 7/11: Arms
Mon. 7/12: Run-7.2miles
Tue. 7/13: REST
Wed. 7/14: Chest/Run-6.36miles
Thu. 7/15: ABS
Fri. 7/16: Back/Run-9.75miles
Sat. 7/17: Arms/Run-4.2 miles

My goal was 30 miles this week. I came up 2.5 miles short, but I am still pleased. Every run went very well. My endurance seems to be increasing nicely. Muscles still seem to be playing catch up to my lungs. Monday I had big plans of squeezing in 10-12 miles, but about 2 miles into the run I wasn't able to cross a busy intersection due to traffic. I took a detour for about a mile and planned to cross under I-20 through a grassy field. About 50 yards through the grass I came upon a huge/steep ravine, that would have been a pain to cross. It was at this time I felt the little burrs sticking and scraping my skin! I looked down and realized from just above my waist on down I was covered in tiny little burrs. I shuffled awkwardly to a cement slab. It took me about 10 minutes to pick enough of these things off to be able to move without chaffing my body terribly. Check out the pictures below. They were taken after running about 3-4 miles home.

Note: When I say just Arms or Chest that means I lifted weights and specifically worked those muscle groups.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Post #1

Well this is a new idea for me. I am not sure if anyone will even be interested in following, but the plan is to post either weekly or daily training updates. I would like to keep a pretty decent blog of mileage and hopefully GPS of my routes. I have added a counter on the right side showing how much time we have to the run.
So for a little background. I haven't competed in an Ultra since a 100 miler in February and a 50k at the end of February. I came out of that 50k pretty beat up...well mostly my right leg ITB. I took it easy for about a month and have been regularly running 20-30 mile weeks since. I haven't covered any distance further than 10 or 12 miles.
My goals over the next 2 months will be to work my weekly mileage up about 10% a week until I am averaging 60-75 miles a week. My personal goal will be to hit 100 miles a week.
I am also going to try and get a few races in. If my stamina and energy level are up I think these will make for good training runs.
My #1 goal is to stay injury free until RunningforWild kicks off. Once I hit the road on that I can destroy my body as long as I need to hit the finish line...
I am very excited. As stated before this is a first for me, so any advice or suggestions are welcome!