Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week 7: 26 days until THE RUN

Total Mileage: 41.24 miles Total Hrs Run: 6.76hrs Next Weeks Goal: 55miles
Sun. 8/22: ARMS
Mon. 8/23: Run-7.15 miles
Tue. 8/24: CHEST/Run-6.91 miles(HILLS)
Wed. 8/25: REST
Thu. 8/26: Run- 10.18miles
Fri. 8/27: BACK
Sat. 8/28: Run-17 miles

So I'm getting down to the wire here....just about 3 weeks until the big day! I'm getting nervous, but am content with my training. I was hoping to be putting in more mileage per week by now. Fortunately I feel like I am ready. The long runs are going well. I struggle with boredom, and beating myself mentally. Physically my lungs are ready for more. My lungs are unphased by 3 hours of running. In fact 3 hours of running last night and I can easily sit indian style on the floor and type this, with no pain:) You runners know that sore knees and sore muscle normally have us moving like we're 80. By boredom and beating myself mentally, I mean I run the same route day in and day out. When I run for that length of time, I need to see something new. Some new stretch of Grand Prairie. I know come run day I will have 105 miles of "new" roads to explore! Goodbye boredom!
Yes my mileage was short of my goal this week. I had planned on a 35miler on thursday to test my support crew and myself. I took wednesday off to be fresh. Well thursday rolled around and neither my pacer, support car driver, or myself felt much like cruising the backroads for 5-6 hours. My little brother/pacer Jacob and I settled on the 10 miler. The 17 miler on Saturday was good. I ran the same 10 mile course from thursday. Stopped by the apt, a few laps around my 2 mile course and I was done.
I'll wrap this up by saying keep an eye on the website we are going to have some events coming up to boost fundraising. Hopefully I can have it updated today!!

Note:Click on Jacob's name in the above article to check out the charity run he has planned for October. Running for the Cure.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

WEEK 6-1 month 2 days until THE RUN

Total Mileage: 48 miles Total Hrs Run: 7.78hrs Next Weeks Goal: 50miles
Sun. 8/15: ARMS
Mon. 8/16: Run-6.4 miles
Tue. 8/17: Run-8.3 miles
Wed. 8/18: Run-11.1miles
Thu. 8/19: CHEST
Fri. 8/20: Run-7.2 miles
Sat. 8/21: Run-about 15 miles

So another really great week. I felt really comfortable on every run.
Saturday I labeled mileage at about 15 miles. This is because my GPS said I ran 28.2 miles at 13.2 miles an'm not quite that fast. I was shooting for another 20 like last saturday, but I was having car problems and didnt want to use the truck as an aid station then have it not start after running for 3-4 hours. So instead I ran until I literally ran out of road, then turned around and ran home. It was exactly 2.5 hours of non-stop running. That is roughly 15-16 miles at my pace. Other than that i want to pick up the weight lifting a little more, and do alot more ab work.
On a side note this weeks I saw quite a bit of wildlife while I was out running. 2 skunks, a coyote, a bat(almost hit me in the face), and a handful of toads. Also something rustling in the bushes about 3 feet to my left on my run last night. It was either go towards the rustle or into traffic(barely any shoulder on this stretch). i went towards the rustle and still have no idea what it was. Probably a coyote.
I want to hit 50+ miles this week. I want to do a trial run of the run day. Maybe about 35-40 miles and use my crew team as aid stations so we can all get the hang of running and coordinating things along the side of the road.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 5: 1 month 9 days until THE RUN

Total Mileage: 48.5 miles Total Hrs Run: 8.58hrs Next Weeks Goal: 45miles
Sun. 8/8: on Vacation
Mon. 8/9: Recovered stolen Jeep
Tue. 8/10: Run-4 miles A.M(HOT HOT)/9miles P.M.
Wed. 8/11: Chest
Thu. 8/12: Run-9.1miles
Fri. 8/13: Run-6.4 miles
Sat. 8/14: Run-20 miles

I was a bit concerned about this week when I had 0 mileage going into Tuesday! I decided to tough it out and hit a few miles at 10am. BAD idea it was already about 98 degrees. I pulled over under a tiny tree trying to get out the sun for a minute and came close to losing my breakfast. I finished my run home and immediately took a cold shower. I did manage another 9 miles that night and felt much better. Saturday I finally squeezed in a long run. I parked my truck about 2 miles from home and used it as an aid station. I did four 5 mile loops. Or so i thought they were 5 mile loops. I came in after the last loop and the GPS read 18.5...ugh....I was determined to get my 20 miles though so I ran another 15 minutes. Back I the truck I check GPS 19.97. I ran a lap through the parking lot to get the last .03 miles. I was determined to hit 20
Here is what I took and ate during the run(similiar to what I use during an ULTRA)
  • I took 2 fish oils,2 advil liquid gels, and 2 Endurolytes(see below) before the run.
  • 1 roast beef and cheddar sandwich @ 10 miles.
  • Half a Turkey sandwich @15 miles.
  • A twizzler stick as I left the aid station each time.(3 total)
  • An Endurolyte capsule every 45 min.

  • 35oz of ENDURANCE amino VITAL (drank at every aid station)

Note for those wondering why I parked my truck to use as an aid station....I find that if I use my apartment, when I am fatigued about 15 or so miles into a run I am less likely to get my butt back out the door to finish another loop.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Week 4:

Total Mileage: 22.6 miles Total Hrs Run: 3.6hrs Next Weeks Goal: 40miles
Sun. 8/1: Arms
Mon. 8/2: Run 10.7 miles
Tue. 8/3: Run 7.9 miles
Wed. 8/4: Chest/Back/Arms
Thu. 8/5: on Vacation
Fri. 8/6: Run-4 miles (hotel treadmill@3am)
Sat. 8/7: on Vacation

Notes: So all in all a pretty low mileage week. I had planned on alot more. I didnt want my vacation weekend to stand in my way, but it did. I had also planned on running most nights, but waterparks and Six Flags take alot out of ya!
My apologies to anyone following this on the late blog update. My Jeep that was stolen a year ago was recovered on Monday 8/9!!!
Still havent decided on a pair of shoes! We raised another $50 in donations this week as well!
Well thats all for now! Happy running!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week 3: 1 month 23 days until the Run

Total Mileage: 32.76 miles Total Hrs Run: 5.05hrs Next Weeks Goal: 30miles
Sun. 7/11: Run-8.17 miles
Mon. 7/12: Chest
Tue. 7/13: Rest
Wed. 7/14: Rest
Thu. 7/15: Run-7.26 miles
Fri. 7/16: Back/Run-7.69 miles
Sat. 7/17: Run-9.64 miles

Ok, so I scrapped together a half-way decent week. Not too bad considering the 3 days I took off when my Dad came to visit. I did need a rest week, and I got caught up! So I'm concerned I may have another slightly low mileage week. I may have to pack a pair of running shoes and run on my long weekend visiting water parks, Fiesta Texas, and the Guadalupe. No worries. I feel great! I feel ready to add in a long run each week. By this I mean a 3+ hour or 20+ miler. So far seems to be I'm getting 4 solid days of running. I'd like to add a 5th day, of which would be my long run. Then make one of the other days an easy 5 or so miles. I think this would jump my mileage to around 40-45 miles a week.
On a side note, I need a new pair of shoes. I have been running for most of this year in Brooks Cascadia. I love my Cascadias and swear they are the best trail shoe ever. BUT since I'm training for a road run, I wonder if I should invest in a pair of road shoes...anyone have suggestions or ideas? Guess I will have to shop around. I really dont want to splurge and buy both...I'm still not made of money.