Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 5: 1 month 9 days until THE RUN

Total Mileage: 48.5 miles Total Hrs Run: 8.58hrs Next Weeks Goal: 45miles
Sun. 8/8: on Vacation
Mon. 8/9: Recovered stolen Jeep
Tue. 8/10: Run-4 miles A.M(HOT HOT)/9miles P.M.
Wed. 8/11: Chest
Thu. 8/12: Run-9.1miles
Fri. 8/13: Run-6.4 miles
Sat. 8/14: Run-20 miles

I was a bit concerned about this week when I had 0 mileage going into Tuesday! I decided to tough it out and hit a few miles at 10am. BAD idea it was already about 98 degrees. I pulled over under a tiny tree trying to get out the sun for a minute and came close to losing my breakfast. I finished my run home and immediately took a cold shower. I did manage another 9 miles that night and felt much better. Saturday I finally squeezed in a long run. I parked my truck about 2 miles from home and used it as an aid station. I did four 5 mile loops. Or so i thought they were 5 mile loops. I came in after the last loop and the GPS read 18.5...ugh....I was determined to get my 20 miles though so I ran another 15 minutes. Back I the truck I check GPS 19.97. I ran a lap through the parking lot to get the last .03 miles. I was determined to hit 20
Here is what I took and ate during the run(similiar to what I use during an ULTRA)
  • I took 2 fish oils,2 advil liquid gels, and 2 Endurolytes(see below) before the run.
  • 1 roast beef and cheddar sandwich @ 10 miles.
  • Half a Turkey sandwich @15 miles.
  • A twizzler stick as I left the aid station each time.(3 total)
  • An Endurolyte capsule every 45 min.

  • 35oz of ENDURANCE amino VITAL (drank at every aid station)

Note for those wondering why I parked my truck to use as an aid station....I find that if I use my apartment, when I am fatigued about 15 or so miles into a run I am less likely to get my butt back out the door to finish another loop.

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