Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week 7: 26 days until THE RUN

Total Mileage: 41.24 miles Total Hrs Run: 6.76hrs Next Weeks Goal: 55miles
Sun. 8/22: ARMS
Mon. 8/23: Run-7.15 miles
Tue. 8/24: CHEST/Run-6.91 miles(HILLS)
Wed. 8/25: REST
Thu. 8/26: Run- 10.18miles
Fri. 8/27: BACK
Sat. 8/28: Run-17 miles

So I'm getting down to the wire here....just about 3 weeks until the big day! I'm getting nervous, but am content with my training. I was hoping to be putting in more mileage per week by now. Fortunately I feel like I am ready. The long runs are going well. I struggle with boredom, and beating myself mentally. Physically my lungs are ready for more. My lungs are unphased by 3 hours of running. In fact 3 hours of running last night and I can easily sit indian style on the floor and type this, with no pain:) You runners know that sore knees and sore muscle normally have us moving like we're 80. By boredom and beating myself mentally, I mean I run the same route day in and day out. When I run for that length of time, I need to see something new. Some new stretch of Grand Prairie. I know come run day I will have 105 miles of "new" roads to explore! Goodbye boredom!
Yes my mileage was short of my goal this week. I had planned on a 35miler on thursday to test my support crew and myself. I took wednesday off to be fresh. Well thursday rolled around and neither my pacer, support car driver, or myself felt much like cruising the backroads for 5-6 hours. My little brother/pacer Jacob and I settled on the 10 miler. The 17 miler on Saturday was good. I ran the same 10 mile course from thursday. Stopped by the apt, a few laps around my 2 mile course and I was done.
I'll wrap this up by saying keep an eye on the website we are going to have some events coming up to boost fundraising. Hopefully I can have it updated today!!

Note:Click on Jacob's name in the above article to check out the charity run he has planned for October. Running for the Cure.

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