Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 2: 1 month 30 days until The Run

Total Mileage: 34.6 miles Total Hrs Run: 5.43hrs Next Weeks Goal: 35miles
Sun. 7/11: REST
Mon. 7/12: Run-7.9miles
Tue. 7/13: Chest
Wed. 7/14: Run-11.7 miles
Thu. 7/15: Run-7 miles(Hills)
Fri. 7/16: Back/Biceps
Sat. 7/17: Arms/Run-8 miles

So this week went well. Did a decent job of sticking to the training plan that I keep in my head...
I was a little disappointed in the weight lifting I did this week, but my focus is on running. I must say I was exhausted most of the week. I didn't finish most of the runs until after 11pm. After protein, dinner, shower....that put me in bed around 1 am and at work by 8am. I was averaging 6 hours a night. Something I will work on. I did have a lot going on. The brothers were in from out of town on Sunday, and I went to a concert on Friday(which means drinks!). All in all I am right on track.

Next weeks goals I want to keep the same. No increase in mileage until I balance out my rest situation. A few things coming up this week are my Dad is coming in Tuesday and Wednesday. This may effect some mileage. I am not worried and wont be discouraged, I need the rest:)

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