Thursday, September 23, 2010

The night before....

I am nervous! I am excited!
Hopefully i will be able to sleep.
I have packed everything I could think of.
Have all contacts stored in phone and on paper.
Camera, phone, GPS are all charging.
Time for a restless nights sleep!

On a side note here are some really good articles Kathy with DFW Wildlife was able to have posted:

Well keep in touch with my Facebook to see how it goes tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1 day left

Hello everyone still following along to my training. I have not ran in 2 days. Those last few muscle creaks are just about gone. I am itching to run. I almost went out for a 2 miler with the dogs tonight. Luckily school got in the way! Everything is all set.
stay tuned to my Facebook page and the Running for WILD Facebook page for current updates, locations and mileage during my run.
Thanks to everyone that donated!
Thanks to everyone that has supported me!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 9: 13 Days until the RUN!!

Total Mileage: 33.4 miles Total Hrs Run: 5.16hrs Next Weeks Goal: 30 miles
Sun. 8/22: ARMS/Run-2.5 miles
Mon. 8/23: REST
Tue. 8/24: Run 6 mile (TREADMILL)
Wed. 8/25:Run-7.2 miles
Thu. 8/26: CHEST/Run-7.2 miles
Fri. 8/27: BACK/TRAPS
Sat. 8/28: Run-10.5 miles (TREADMILL)

Well the taper has begun. Time to let my body fully recover. I cut the mileage a little more than I anticipated this week. The high humidity over the weekend was just too much of a motivation killer. I really wanted to get a good long run in, but heat index on 107 sucks. I managed a boring 1.5 hours on a treadmill Saturday. I was really hoping for 80 degree weather for this run when I started planning it 2-3 months ago. Oh well, I will manage! And Sunday with the 2.5...that was harder than you would believe. I toted along the dogs. They are poorly leash trained so I was drug for the first mile by their combined weight of 150lbs. After that they were pooped and it was an easy jog home.
So my plans for this week are to take it pretty easy. I have cut all weight lifting until after the WILD run. I think I will get a good 10-12 miler in mid week, then keep everything under 10 miles until next Sunday. After that maybe a 4 miler and I'm thinking a short 2 miles wednesday.
I did see some wildlife this week.
Sunday we had a close encounter with a skunk! My boxer saw it a took off after it...lucky nothing got sprayed! The Rotty never saw it...
On Thursday night a coyote was about 50yards to my right. When he heard me he paused in his tracks to watch me pass. As I was directly across from him he decided he was going to come see what I was all about. I didnt stick around I quickly crossed 4 lanes of road and he disappeared. Surprisingly the coyote didn't seem at all afraid of me or surprised by seeing me.

Well that is all!
Make sure you go to and check out all the new updates on the donation page. We have a lot of cool things offered for your donation!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 8: 19 days until THE RUN

Total Mileage: 35.78 miles Total Hrs Run: 5.71hrs Next Weeks Goal: 55miles
Sun. 8/22: ABS
Mon. 8/23: Run-6.98 miles (HILLS)
Tue. 8/24: CHEST
Wed. 8/25:Run-10.5 miles (TREADMILL)
Thu. 8/26: Run- 8.1miles
Fri. 8/27: BACK
Sat. 8/28: Run-10.2 miles

Well this week kicked my butt! I seemed to be busy busy busy! I'll blame it on starting college. I was in class for the first time in about 11years!! All is good though. 35 miles is a decent week. As you can see I took an extra day off. Friday was not going my way. My right knee was achy all day at work, and my IT band was very tight. This caused a bit of a scare because I've had problems with this in the past. No worries though. It is an overuse injury. Taking Friday as a rest day and stretching it out, I felt perfect come Saturday night. I still took it a little easy for a Saturday. I usually like to put in higher mileage, but maybe I used the ITB as an excuse to cop out to a nice lil' 10 miler. Something new for this training period was the treadmill work. I usually use the treadmill alot in the winter. I did 10.5 mile or 99 minutes. I progressively raised the incline from 1.0%-3.0% until the halfway point then I progressively started it back down to 1.5%
Speed started at 5.0 and progressively increased it per lap(track lap) to 6.5mph.
With that said I needed a nice low mileage week. I was literally exhausted most of last week. I'm done with the hill training and done with any incline on the treadmill. Any excessive incline or decline running aggravates ITB injuries. That is what I'm going to avoid. I'm going to maintain a nice stretching routine. I am going to continue to train hard but at this point with 17 days to go as I write this I have one last week of training before I start to taper my mileage and let my body recover for the big day.
Oh got my new shoes in on Thursdays run! They should be nice and broken in for the Run for WILD!! I will post pictures ASAP!
A single little cotton tail bunny was the only wildlife I saw running this week.
Happy Running