Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 1: 2 months 6 days until the run

Total Mileage: 27.5 miles Total Hrs Run: 4.43hrs Next Weeks Goal: 35miles
Sun. 7/11: Arms
Mon. 7/12: Run-7.2miles
Tue. 7/13: REST
Wed. 7/14: Chest/Run-6.36miles
Thu. 7/15: ABS
Fri. 7/16: Back/Run-9.75miles
Sat. 7/17: Arms/Run-4.2 miles

My goal was 30 miles this week. I came up 2.5 miles short, but I am still pleased. Every run went very well. My endurance seems to be increasing nicely. Muscles still seem to be playing catch up to my lungs. Monday I had big plans of squeezing in 10-12 miles, but about 2 miles into the run I wasn't able to cross a busy intersection due to traffic. I took a detour for about a mile and planned to cross under I-20 through a grassy field. About 50 yards through the grass I came upon a huge/steep ravine, that would have been a pain to cross. It was at this time I felt the little burrs sticking and scraping my skin! I looked down and realized from just above my waist on down I was covered in tiny little burrs. I shuffled awkwardly to a cement slab. It took me about 10 minutes to pick enough of these things off to be able to move without chaffing my body terribly. Check out the pictures below. They were taken after running about 3-4 miles home.

Note: When I say just Arms or Chest that means I lifted weights and specifically worked those muscle groups.

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