Sunday, July 11, 2010

Post #1

Well this is a new idea for me. I am not sure if anyone will even be interested in following, but the plan is to post either weekly or daily training updates. I would like to keep a pretty decent blog of mileage and hopefully GPS of my routes. I have added a counter on the right side showing how much time we have to the run.
So for a little background. I haven't competed in an Ultra since a 100 miler in February and a 50k at the end of February. I came out of that 50k pretty beat up...well mostly my right leg ITB. I took it easy for about a month and have been regularly running 20-30 mile weeks since. I haven't covered any distance further than 10 or 12 miles.
My goals over the next 2 months will be to work my weekly mileage up about 10% a week until I am averaging 60-75 miles a week. My personal goal will be to hit 100 miles a week.
I am also going to try and get a few races in. If my stamina and energy level are up I think these will make for good training runs.
My #1 goal is to stay injury free until RunningforWild kicks off. Once I hit the road on that I can destroy my body as long as I need to hit the finish line...
I am very excited. As stated before this is a first for me, so any advice or suggestions are welcome!

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